How We Started


While Mr. Jeff Chua was working for more than 10 years with one of the biggest consumer companies in the world. He was unexpectedly transferred to a job position that he did not expect. He realized that while there are advantages of being an employee, there were also disadvantages like one’s control over his or her destiny. Before he left his corporate career, Mr. Jeff was a former Assistant Vice President to the biggest retail company in the Philippines.


These turn of events led Mr. Jeff Chua to look for a part-time business that is low capital, has excellent margins and low-risk. He was in need of a fallback plan for him and his family as well.


After months of studying different industries, he found out that the motorcycle industry was growing very fast with 65% of registered vehicles in the country are now motorcycles. While the bicycle industry was also growing fast due to health benefits and promotions of the government in support of a greener environment. He also reviewed competition and found a niche where he can compete and win.   


Thus, in July 2010, Cycle House started its operations and due to its astounding appeal of professionalized repair services for motorcycle and bicycle users. 


Last January 2016, they have opened doors to franchising Cycle House to all business enthusiasts. They are under the management of Zyklus Concept, Inc. Currently, the company now has a total of close to 100 branches.


CycleHouse is owned by Zyklus Concept, Inc., a company duly licensed and registered (CS201512546) under Securities Exchange and Commission. Cyclehouse is the FIRST and ONLY franchising company that offers this business concept.










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