Why invest in Cycle House?


Reason #1: Because of its huge market…


  • More than half (around 60%)of registered vehicle in the country.
  • 3.2 million are motorcycle, scooters, or tricycles (excluding the unregistered!)
  • Sales of motorcycle units are still growing.
  • Growing number of people acquiring bicycle as form of exercise, hobby, and even as a sport.
  • Philippine government and the World Bank invested $1.3M to push bicycle use as mode of transport.

Source: LTO & Asean Automotive Federation

 Reason #2: Because we can offer something new in the market…

Current State of Motorcycle & Bicycle Shops

The FUTURE…What we will offer in the market!


1. By franchising with us, you join the nearly 60 branches with CycleHouse proven business concept.- “Malaki ang success rate mo sa business na ito."

2. Get the products at lower prices. - “Kaya malaki ang pwedeng tubo”

3. Our originally designed store and business system are DIFFERENT that catches a lot of attention. - “Maganda, malinis at professional na service.”

4. If you will be renting, this entails low cost because you don’t need a big space. -“Maliit ang capital na kailangan, pati overhead cost maliit.”

5. Low risk - “Walang lugi kasi hindi nasisira kagaya ng pagkain.” 



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